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KATKOVPARTNERS is a Russian IT-legal company. Its title technology is KIP MONITOR, a system to search for, identify and eliminate illegal information on the Internet, analyze and study network data using machine learning, artificial intelligence, and smart legal programming. The monitoring system covers 170 countries of the world. The company, headquartered in Moscow, is recognized as one of the best consultancies in Russia in the field of intellectual property, technologies, and telecommunications (ТМТ).

Our experts provide the full range of services related to intellectual property protection, monitoring and data processing in the online environment. The team comprises leading IP lawyers, technical and IT specialists, patent attorneys, detectives, and barristers.

The company's experts have implemented more than 3000 projects for customers like 1C, Grundfos, MGA, ABB, Amway, Pirelli, Rostelecom, Sanofi, Media Alliance, IVI, DaimlerChrysler AG, PIK Group of companies, ITAR TASS, etc. Every month, the team identifies and stops more than 200,000 intellectual property violations on the Internet worldwide.

An extensive network of regional representatives allows implementing projects in all parts of Russia and EAEU, with an international network covering 51 countries of the world.

The company's experts have been part of the workgroups of the President's Administration, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Communications, and other agencies tasked with the development of anti-piracy Federal Law No.187-FZ and amendments thereto. Our management is part of the Expert Council under the State Committee for Prevention of Illegal Circulation of industrial Products, expert councils on intellectual property of the Russian Export Center, Chamber of Commerce, Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and BRICS Intellectual Property Council.

Daily, our experts design new algorithms and technologies for intellectual property protection on the Internet, safeguarding our customers' reputation and money.
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